Waylands Smithy

Waylands Smithy is in Oxfordshire very close to the Uffington White Horse. It is a lovely quiet spot and very atmospheric. Legend says if you leave your horse and a piece of silver there overnight the horse will have new shoes in the morning. Wayland, an Anglo-Saxon smith god is also mentioned in the Norse Sagas. He is also said to find lost things but this could be a more local legend. See link below for a lots more on this fantastic place. Enjoy the pics!




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The Rollright stones

My latest visit to the Rollright stones, Oxfordshire. They comprise of the king stone, the circle itself and the burial chamber known as the Whispering Knights. The views from this site are amazing and the site itself has a calm thoughtful atmosphere. See link for the site website for more info, hope you enjoy my photos of this wonderful place.


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